We understand and value the relationships that we develop with our customers. We recognize the importance of having to protect all the information that we have gathered about our website users. Such information which is only gathered in the cause of browsing our website is treated with utmost discretion and stored in a secure location. We take all precaution in protecting the personal identifiable information of our online visitors hence ensuring that we have a long lasting trusting relationship with them. For persons under the age of 18, you should first seek the permission and consent of your parent to access our website and before submitting your personal information.

When you are registering for usage of our website services, we will require that you submit certain personal information. This information is only necessary to enable us offer you the best possible services. We will only ask what is necessary for the registration and accessing the site purposes and nothing more.

We collect personal information through direct means or by using any of the lawful chestnutfungi.com technologies. The personal information that we collect includes contact details such as your name, telephone number and email address. We also gather education and professional interests together with background information not forgetting your IP address. In addition, we also collect usernames and passwords to the website, communication preferences and comments and feedbacks on the site. All this information is gathered to help us offer you an intuitive better way of accessing our services.

Chestnutfungi.com values your privacy and will not disclose any of your personal information to a third party. Of the few instances that we can disclose and share your information include; when required by law or legal agencies to comply with a legal obligation and when you knowingly and willingly provide your personal information to an advertisement that is run by a third party.